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Why should I buy from FollenderWerks?

At Follenderwerks we create the best fireman's axe plaque award anywhere. Guaranteed.

That's why on the Gold Coast we're referred to as '"The Gold Standard" for fire axe and pulaski awards.

Whether for Recognition, Achievment or Appreciation, our beautiful presentation axe awards make the best gift.

It all starts with our standard design firefighter's pickhead axes.

  • The axe heads are then polished for a chrome look and nickel plated to protect their shine for years to come. Or perhaps you'll choose a solid brass axe head, forged especially for us, then polished to a mirror-like golden finish.
  • The axe head is mounted to a beautiful hand-polished, solid hickory handle.
  • Three Axe Handle lengths are available: 36" -- 28" -- 15"
  • Award axes may be purchased individually or mounted to a hand-selected, hand-finished, solid plaque board.
  • Board options are Oak (light) or Walnut (dark).
  • Boards have finished, rounded edges, Scalloped (curved) corners are also available.
  • Engraving is available on the axe head, on a decorative engraving plate or on the axe handle.
  • Add special touches such as a Ceremonial Tassle or a Colorful Medallion with your shield, logo, or photo.
  • Pick and choose options to make this truly a unique and personal gift -- fit for heroic deeds, outgoing officers & fire chiefs.

    For retirements, commemorations, memorials & appreciation gifts.

    This is a great presentation award.

    The finishing details distinguish our products.

    We make the best custom firefighter fire axe award plaque. Guaranteed.

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