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Hickory NC Parks To Visit When You Are In The Area

The city of Hickory NC is very beautiful, and it features some very beautiful parks. While you are in the area, you might as well relax and enjoy that type of atmosphere, right? Maybe you want to take your family to one of the parks for a picnic. Perhaps you are on vacation, and you just want to let the kids go wild at the park to expend some energy. No doubt, these parks are great places to visit for you and your family when you are traveling Hickory, North Carolina.

Bakers Mountain Park is located at 6680 Bakers Mountain Road, and this park features some great hiking trails. Orange Trail is one of them. There is an overlook area where you can check out the views. One person even talked about getting a hiking stick from a bin near the restrooms in order to help her make it to that overlook area. The hike can evidently be a little challenging.

Glenn C Hilton Jr Memorial Park is another one to visit, and it is located at 2000 6th Street NW. There are also walking trails at this park as well. Plus you get to feed the ducks, and there is also a disc golf course available? Have you played disc golf before? If not, you might want to get yourself a golfing frisbee or disc and give it a go. It is quite fun actually, and you might end up becoming a regular if you give it a try. There are interesting disc golf courses all over the country now.

Geitner Rotary Park is another popular spot, and it is located at 2035 12th Street. Guess what, you are going to find walking trails there, too. You are going to be able to do a ton of walking or jogging if you want to exercise and see nature while out and about in Hickory NC. This park is said by reviewers to be a great place to visit during any season.

That makes you think about all of the parks mentioned. All of them are great places to visit during any season I’m sure. Now you are more familiar with the parks that are available, and you can decide where you would like to go. You will certainly enjoy these parks in Hickory NC, as they will make a great way to explore the area quite peacefully out in nature.

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